Mastering Windows Server 2016

Learn to deploy, configure and maintain Windows Server 2016 for various real-world scenarios.

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You learn to build domain controllers, file servers, remote desktop servers, advanced networking, Hyper-V, storage spaces direct, and much more. In just 3 days you learn almost every part of Windows Server 2016. You start with a set of PowerShell scripts and the Windows Server 2016 ISO, and in the end of the training you have a full infrastructure running.

Mikael has developed the lab based on real-life experience when building Private Clouds and Datacenters. You will receive all the scripts so that you can rerun all the exercises when you get back from training, or modify them so that they can be used in your environment.

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Target audience
IT professionals and administrators who want to learn how to handle Windows Server 2016.

Pre knowledge requirements
Good knowledge in managing Windows Server. Basic understanding of Active Directory, and Software Distribution. Scripting experience (VBScript, PowerShell) is helpful but not a requirement.

Target objectives
After completion of the lab, you will know how to install and configure Windows Server 2016. You will learn the important news about Hyper-V, Hyper-V Converged, Storage, Cluster, Remote Desktop, PowerShell, Active Directory, Web Server, Network, Remote Access and Internal OS features.

Student Lab Manual, Slide deck, and lab files

You will, among other things, learn about:

Module No:1
– Windows Management Framework

Module No:2
– Creating Reference Images using MDT
– Creating Reference Images using PowerShell
– Creating Hyper-V NAT Network for the lab

Module No:3
– Deploying a Domain Controller using PowerShell
– Configure WMIC Timer Settings using PowerShell
– Configure DNS using PowerShell
– Configure DHCP using PowerShell

Module No:4
– Deploying a second domain controller Using PowerShell and UI
– Configure DNS
– Configure HA DHCP

Module No:5
– Management Fundamentals
– Deploy the Management Server

Module No:6
– Storage Spaces Direct Fundamentals 
– Deploy a 2 node Storage Spaces Direct Cluster

Module No:7
– Hyper-V Fundamentals
– Deploy a 3 node Computer Cluster based on Hyper-V

Module No:8
– Nested Hyper-V
– Virtual TPM
– Deploy Server in Server with Virtual TPM chip
– Enable Bit locker in Windows Server using PowerShell

Module No:9
– NANO Fundamentals
– Deploy NANO Server
– Manage the NANO Server
– Using Recovery Console

Module No:10
– File and Storage Replication Fundamentals
– Deploy Storage Replica

Module No:11
– PowerShell DSC Fundamentals
– Deploy and Configure Webservers using PowerShell DSC

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    We don´t have this training scheduled right now. Let us know that you´re interested in this training using the form below.