Computer Crime Training: Microsoft Network Attacks

Get an insight on how hackers breach Microsoft-based environments and how they expand in the network. You will learn the tools and techniques used in these attacks, explained by security experts that use them in their daily jobs.

Computer Crime Training: Microsoft Network Attacks A three days hands-on training with secuirty specialist Fabio Viggiani.

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You will see how cyber-criminals exploit vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in a modern Windows infrastructure and how to circumvent the latest security measures in the Windows platform.

This is a hands-on lab where you get to experiment hacking techniques in a realistic Windows environment. The experts will guide you through the process and methodology followed during the attacks. You will use a combination of sophisticated attack platforms, public hacking tools, as well as Truesec own internal tools.

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Target audience

Technicians and technical decision makers with an interest in IT security and developers who want deeper understanding of infrastructure-based attacks.

Pre knowledge requirement

Basic TCP / IP and basic Windows administration.


To raise awareness about security threats and challenges in the Microsoft world as IT professionals. As a participant, you will get a good understanding of how criminals attack Microsoft networks, and what tools and techniques they use.




Insight into how criminal attackers are compromised into systems is determined to maintain a secure IT environment.

During three intense days, you will carry out a large number of practical exercises against a realistic lab environment.

Examples of subtraction:
– Mapping of internet presence
– Network scanning
– Automated password attacks
– Take over systems by exploiting different types of deficiencies
– Avoiding traffic and passwords on switched networks
– Extract different types of password hashes from system
– Install backdoors, trojans and rootkits
– Manage keyloggers
– Manipulate logs
– Break into Active Directory
– Advanced password scrambling
– Take advantage of pass-the-hash technology
– Perform pass-the-dutchie technician
– Attack web servers
– Attack remotely services
….and much more.

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    We don´t have this training scheduled right now. Let us know that you´re interested in this training using the form below.