Identity in the Windows platform

All about the design, implementation, and management of identities on the Windows platform!

Identity in the Windows platform Security Training A five days geek week with Hasain Alshakarti, leading expert in identity management.

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Five geeky days where IT professionals and developers alike learn all about the design, implementation, and management of identities in Windows.

We cover everything regarding identities in Windows, from AD DS, MIM, AD CS, and AD FS to Windows Identity Foundation and how identities should work in your own applications. Discussions are mixed with practical labs and demos based on the expert instructors’ impressive experience. A lot of time is reserved for discussions regarding your thoughts, challenges, and everyday work with the identity components of the Windows platform.

Enterprise Security MVPs Fredrik “DXter” Jonsson and Hasain “The Wolf” Alshakarti

These two experts will guide you through the week and are available outside regular lab hours for those who want to do a little extra outside the standard course. Experts Daniel Ulrichs and Henrik Nilsson will also join in for a session or two each.

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Target audience
IT technicians, IT security managers, IT security consultants, developers with a focus on identity management and security.

PKI, Active Directory, Network.


We will begin to build an AD with a good design according to REAL best practices with an extra focus on security and delegation. After we have build up the core AD essentials, we will go through MIM and how it can take over and provide our AD with users and groups from a data source. Then, after MIM has done its job, we have a identities with good data quality enough to vouch for using digital certificates produced by the ADCS.

This gives us a strong identity validation which we can use to authenticate in a very good way against AD. To enable single sign on against cloud services and internal applications regardless demands on domain membership or Windows version (or Windows at all for that matter), we will also fully implement ADFS and we can of course handle authentication against ADFS using our certificates that we produced earlier and we can also expand our tickets from ADFS with information from the MIM database (if required/needed/wanted). Then we will relax at the Azure AD, external and internal cloud services one by one while letting:

• ADDS will be a source of identity and the holder of the authorization qualifying information.
• MIM to be a guarantor of the data quality and provisioning / de-provisioning engine internally and externally.
• ADCS to produce strong identity certificates that works both inside the network but also on the outside.
• ADFS be a transport function of authentication and authorization founding information internally and externally, as well as consumer identities of third parties.

We will cover:
• ADDS (Active Directory Domain Services)
• MIM (Microsoft Identity Manager)
• (ADCS Active Directory Certificate Services)
• ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services)
• Dynamic Privilege Access Management in Windows Server 2016 (coming next year)
• Azure Active Directory (including coexistence with Active Directory)
• Windows Identity Foundation – how identities function in applications anyway?

We will go through (for each part):
• How to properly demand pictures, designs and installs.
• Common Errors and mistakes with each component.
• How these roles really works, under the shell, individually and together.
• How to handle upgrades and migrations.
• How to handle advanced troubleshooting of the above.
• Automation of the above using PowerShell.
• News of the respective component in Windows Server 2016 (vNext)

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    We don´t have this training scheduled right now. Let us know that you´re interested in this training using the form below.