Understand how hackers attack the Windows Platform

Understanding how to attack a system is ever so valuable to be able to take the correct security counter measures. In three days you will work with one of the world’s foremost penetration experts, Marcus Murray Microsoft MVP in Security, in a true TrueSec-style.

How hackers attack the Windows Platform training Marcus Murray is your guide through this 3-days training.

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You will be performing attacks in realistic environments against a prepared Windows Environment. To your aid comes the latest hacking tools and techniques.

After this lab you will have a greater understanding of how hackers are breaking down the system in Windows environments. The Lab follows a pedagogic process for attacking systems.

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Pre knowledge requirement
Basic knowledge of TCPI/IP and Windows Administration

Target objectives
You will have a good understanding about the current attack types against the Windows platform, and learn the tools and techniques hackers are using.

Labs, presentations, lab files, tools and scripts

Knowledge of how systems can be penetrated is crucial for securing your IT environment. You will learn how to map internet presence and to perform network scanning, perform automated password attacks, take over system using different vulnerabilities, use network sniffing, monitor traffic and password on switched networks, extract password hashes from systems, install backdoors, Trojans, and Rootkits, learn advanced techniques for passing through firewalls, manage keyloggers, changing log files, breaking into Active Directory, using rainbow tables, using passing-the-hash-techniques, attack web servers, terminal servers and much more.

Day 1
Overview of the process
mapping internet presence
Scanning and Enumeration of known services

Day 2
Penetration of vulnerable services using different attack techniques
Attack system for raising your own privileges
Test different methods for getting interactive access to a hacked system

Day 3
Extract useful information from a system
Cleaning log files, install backdoors, Trojans, and Rootkits

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    We don´t have this training scheduled right now. Let us know that you´re interested in this training using the form below.