Our CSIRT operates 24/7/365

Cybersecurity Incident Response Team (CSIRT)

At Truesec, we understand the criticality of immediate action during a cybersecurity breach. Our dedicated Digital Forensics and Incident Response Team is operational round-the-clock, providing rapid and decisive action to mitigate threats.

A Trusted and Certified CSIRT

Incident response retainer with Truesec cyber specialist and we start with an oboarding.

Who we are

Truesec CSIRT - Cybersecurity Incident Response Team

Our team of certified professionals, including experts from law enforcement and the private sector, has successfully handled complex incidents for Fortune 500 companies and leading insurance providers.

We combine the knowledge and insights gained from managing some of the largest cyber incidents worldwide, tracking vulnerabilities and leaks on the dark web, and continuously analyzing how attacks are evolving.

Truesec has the full service offering for governance, risk and compliance

How We Make a Difference

Regardless of the hour of the day or the type of problem, people are always available to help. That’s our core strength, and combining that with a passion for IT and a genuine desire to help people is what makes us unique.

Our shared knowledge and a strong sense of purpose give us a leading edge in the fight against cybercrime.

We Help Minimize the Impact of Cyber Breaches

Whenever an IT environment has been compromised, someone notices unwelcome guests in the network, or sensitive data leaked or encrypted, that’s when we get a call!

Just like a fire brigade heading to a fire, we get on the first available flight and head to the customer to help onsite to contain the situation. We start a forensic investigation to identify how they got in, what systems they’ve touched, and what data may have been extracted.

In parallel, another team is rebuilding the infrastructure and rescuing as much data as possible. Our customers often compare our arrival on site to that of a fire brigade, as they feel the same relief when we arrive.

Truesec DFIR Experts in Action

We Handle Most Major Incidents in Sweden

We’re generally not allowed to talk about our customers, but we’ve been involved in nearly all the major incidents in Sweden that you may or may not have heard about in the news. We work long days, nights, and weekends during the incidents – the breached company’s survival may be at stake.

It’s a team of the most advanced Swiss army knives that must be able to operate, recover, or build a new IT environment from scratch in no time – using the latest technology and security features, all done under considerable pressure.

Seeing all these incidents and the problems they cause in different IT environments gives us a unique understanding of how to build solutions to prevent such situations in the first place. We love to share our knowledge with the community, and thus, we’re often speakers at various prominent events for audiences ranging from hundreds to thousands of listeners.

Cybersecurity experts

We Have an Impressive Track Record

Full-time incident response professionals
Additional cyber specialists leveraging specific skills
Hours of breach response during the last 12 months

We're a World Class, Battle-Hardened Incident Response Team

Trusted by Leaders

Truesec has built a solid reputation as a trusted authority in incident response and has successfully handled complex incidents for Fortune 500 companies and leading insurance providers.

Proven Track Record

Operating on three continents, our battle-proven team has over 35,000 hours of global experience across diverse sectors.

Industry Recognition

Truesec’s incident response services have been recognized by industry experts and customers alike. We have received numerous accolades and industry awards for our exceptional performance, rapid response time, and effective incident resolution.

Our incident response method builds on the following 7 steps

Our CSIRT Operations Methodology

01 Initial Contact/Startup Meeting

Meet With an Incident Manager

Truesec’s Incident Manager, in collaboration with your IT personnel, will help to quickly establish what occurred and the extent of the intrusion and develop an action plan. We’ll also assist you in establishing alternative communication channels, as your email will most likely be compromised.

02 Preparation

Collect Information

Our experts will begin the investigation by preparing the environment to collect information to understand the environment and the incident. This will involve interviews and data collection. Securing evidence for later analysis is imperative, as any information can be crucial.

03 Containment

Limit the Damage

In the containment workflow, we perform activities to limit the damage/breach. At an early stage in the incident response we’ll initiate active security monitoring by the Truesec Security Operations Center (SOC) to ensure visibility into the environment. This is beneficial if the threat actor tries to breach or move around within the environment.


04 Forensic Analysis and Investigation

The Investigation Begins

In this workflow, we initiate a forensic investigation to secure traces of the threat actor, determine if any company or personal data has been breached or exfiltrated, and determine what the threat actor has done within the environment. This determines in exact detail how the threat actor breached the system. We also conduct threat intelligence on the attackers by analyzing the dark web and locating other relevant leaked information.

05 Eradication

Kickout and Cleaning

Based on the forensic investigation results, exact measures will be taken to eradicate the threat actor from the environment. This is to remove any remaining artifacts associated with the threat actor and restore the environment to a clean state.

06 Recover and Rebuild Systems

Recover and Rebuild Systems

In the recovery workflow, the activities aim to recover operational capacity in the most effective yet secure way possible. If required, we can also help rebuild systems that cannot be restored.

DFIR Incident Debriefing Session at Truesec

07 Final Report/Post-Incident

Debriefing and Reporting

Following the incident response and recovery, Truesec CSIRT will finalize an incident report and provide a debriefing, ensuring your organization’s operational procedures and incident response plans can be updated to reflect the knowledge gained from the incident. Truesec can also provide active security monitoring for a predetermined time to ensure a smooth return to regular operation.

Communication With the Team

Always Use PGP for Secure Communication