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Business Policy

As a global cybersecurity company, we are proud to be at the forefront of protecting organizations and our society against cyber threats. Our mission has been clear since day one: creating safety and sustainability in a digital world by preventing cyber breach and minimizing impact.

In focus is a society where economic values, as well as environmental and ethical values, are secured. We work continuously to reduce Truesec’s climate impact.

Truesec will always act forcefully to counter blackmail, bribery, and corruption.

We continuously improve by leading, testing, and challenging cybersecurity. Truesec shares expertise and is committed to helping promote the security and infrastructure of nations and businesses.

We Make a Difference

We place the needs of our customers and our society in focus to offer the right solution. We adjust our offers to meet both short- and long-term needs. Of course, we always follow laws, regulations, norms, and contract requirements.

We Create Value

We have high ambition for the quality of our delivery. We develop our delivery by constantly improving working methods and tools, thereby meeting the changing needs of our clients and society.

We Are Knowledge Sharing Experts

We have the skills required to achieve our mission and meet the needs of our customers and society. In addition to training and knowledge-sharing, leading, testing, and challenging are central to developing the required expertise of our employees.

We Take Responsibility

We take full responsibility for our delivery and our environmental and climate impact. That is why we place high demands on ourselves, our suppliers, customers, and other partners. We encourage dialogue to prevent quality deficiencies and take responsibility.

With our mission in focus, we develop our business, our employees, and our customer offerings.

All Truesec employees are responsible for following this policy and integrating it into their daily work.