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Reduce Incident Response Time and Minimize the Impact with an Incident Response Retainer

The Incident Response Retainer ensures you receive priority and immediate assistance in the event of a cyberattack. Your organization get 24/7 access to one of Europe’s largest Incident Response (IR) teams. The IR Retainer is available through a monthly subscription and includes additional components to protect your business.

Reduce incident response time and minimize the impact of a security incident

Monthly Subscription includes Included
Priority Access to Incident Response Team 24/7
Guaranteed Post-Incident Support
Early Warning Sensor & Threat Hunting
Threat Intelligence
Advisory & CISO Support
Incident response retainer with Truesec cyber specialist and we start with an oboarding.

Secure Your Business with IR Retainer

With Truesec’s Incident Response (IR) Retainer, you gain priority access to our best in class IR team, ensuring your business stays protected from cyberattacks

Our monthly subscription provides on-demand access to incident response experts who rapidly halt active threats and restore normal operations. This proactive approach significantly reduces response times and minimizes the impact of breaches, safeguarding your business continuity.

Secure Your Business with IR Retainer

A Leader in Handling Major Incidents

Recognized by industry leaders, Truesec is trusted for its expertise in digital forensics and incident response. Our team’s global experience and accolades underscore our commitment to rapid and effective incident resolution.

Our CSIRT Operations Methodology encompasses seven critical steps, from initial contact to final reporting, ensuring a thorough and efficient response to every incident.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

A World-Class Team

Hours of breach response during the last 12 months
Complex incident response engagements yearly
Full-time incident response professionals

Incident Response Retainer

Upgrade Your Cybersecurity With a Monthly Subscription

Truesec’s Incident Response Retainer is a monthly subscription that provides on-demand access to a team of incident response experts that will rapidly stop active attacks and get you back to regular operations. This proactive approach significantly decreases response times, minimizing the impact of a breach.

Onboarding Step by Step



We meet to discuss your incident response needs, find the best solution, and sign the IR retainer contract based on your requirements.



We’ll guide you through preparing for potential incidents – covering on-site logging, setting up accounts, identifying your critical systems, and more.


Incident Response Team - Standby

If an incident occurs, contact Truesec over the agreed channels.


Recurring Meetings

With the Incident Response Retainer, we include recurring meetings to review the general threat landscape and your overall cyber needs.

The excellent collaboration with Truesec resulted in us choosing their SOC service over other suppliers.

Michael Exenberger

IT Manager, Bufab Group

It’s important for us to work with a partner combining both worlds: deep knowledge and broad experience from advanced cyber attacks.

Sami Breinholt

Group Head of Technology Services, NLTG


Latest Insights Within Digital Forensics and Incident Response

What we do

Our CSIRT Operations Methodology

Our method builds on the seven steps described below.

Initial Contact/Startup Meeting

Truesec’s Incident Manager, in collaboration with your IT personnel, will promptly identify the cause and extent of the intrusion and create an action plan. We’ll also assist you in establishing alternative communication channels, as your email will most likely be compromised.


Our experts will begin the investigation by doing the preparation required in the environment to collect information to understand the environment and the incident at hand. This will involve interviews and data collection. Any information can be crucial, so securing evidence for later analysis is imperative.


In the containment workflow, we perform activities to limit the damage/breach. At an early stage, we’ll initiate active security monitoring by the Truesec Security Operations Center (SOC) during the incident response to ensure visibility into the environment. This is beneficial if the threat actor tries to breach or move around within the environment.

Forensic Analysis and Investigation

In this workflow, we initiate a forensic investigation to secure traces of the threat actor, determine if any company or personal data has been breached or exfiltrated, and determine what the threat actor has done within the environment. This determines in exact detail how the threat actor breached the system. We also conduct threat intelligence on the attackers by analyzing the dark web and locating other relevant leaked information.


Based on the forensic investigation results, exact measures will be taken to eradicate the threat actor from the environment. This is aimed at removing any remaining artifacts associated with the threat actor and restoring the environment to a clean state.


In the recovery workflow, the activities aim to recover operational capacity in the most effective yet secure way possible. If required, we can also help rebuild systems that cannot be restored.

Final Report/Post Incident

Following the incident response and recovery, Truesec CSIRT will finalize an Incident Report and provide a debriefing, ensuring your organization’s operational procedures and incident response plans can be updated to reflect the knowledge gained from the incident. Truesec can also provide active security monitoring for a predetermined time to ensure a smooth return to normal operation.

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