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Cybersecurity lingo can be quite tricky and filled with acronyms like SIEM, SOAR, SOC, AD, TIBRE, IR and many many more, and thats why we have created Security Answers. Your dedicated knowledge resource for all things cyber. Were Truesec Experts, explain, demystify and answer both common and in-depth cybersecurity questions. To help both enthusiasts and seasoned professionals alike with accurate, and accessible information on all things Cybersecurity.

Welcome to : Security Answers – Where curiosity meets expert knowledge.

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Active Directory Tiering

What’s an AD Tiering Implementation? Active Directory Tiering, or AD Tiering, is not just a technical concept; it’s about safeguarding your most valuable assets in /../

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Vulnerability Management – From Detection to Mitigation

This comprehensive guide navigates the critical journey of vulnerability management, from initial detection to effective mitigation. It outlines strategies, tools, and best practices for identifying, prioritizing, and addressing security weaknesses, integrating these processes into broader cybersecurity efforts, and staying ahead of emerging threats to fortify digital defenses.

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