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Our purpose has been clear since day one: prevent breach and minimize impact.

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Prevent Cyber Breach & Fight Cybercrime Tour

Cybersecurity Summit 2024

Join us for a full day of cybersecurity insights at this year’s event. Discover the latest techniques used by cybercriminals and learn how to secure your IT environments. Engage with industry experts and like-minded professionals.

Cyber attacks continue to increase in 2024

Truesec Threat Intelligence Report 2024

Truesec’s annual report on the cyber threat landscape is developed by the company’s experts, who have dealt with the majority of intrusions against Swedish businesses and organizations. To gather insights into cyber threats and data breaches during 2023, all handled data breaches have been analyzed to determine how they could have been prevented and their effects minimized.

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Level up your defence

Get a free Active Directory Risk review today!

Preventing databreaches has never been more crucial! Truesec & CrowdStrike team up for a Best in class AD Risk Review Experience.

We prevent breaches and minimize their impact

Professional Cybersecurity Consulting Services, Managed Services, and Incident Response

Choose Truesec for unmatched cybersecurity consulting services, managed services, and incident response offerings. Tailored to address your business needs. Leverage our real-world insights and battle-proven expertise to guide you in making informed decisions that protect your business.

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We Help You Identify Your Risks

Our team of incident responders will help you identify where your risks are, based on our vast experience managing breaches. We’ve seen nearly every mistake you can make and can help you identify and fix them before it’s too late.

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Thanks to Truesec’s know-how, ways of working and calm approach, we managed to handle this cyber attack in an impressive way. It’s an almost priceless experience, to be honest.

Liselotte Andersson

CIO, Coop

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A cybersecurity expert using EDR, MDR, and XDR Solutions on Truesec Cybersecurity Platform.

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Cybersecurity lingo can be quite tricky and filled with acronyms like SIEM, SOAR, SOC, AD, TIBRE, IR, and many, many more, and that’s why we’ve created Security Answers. Your dedicated knowledge resource for all things cyber.

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