IAM implementation

IAM Deployment

Identity access management (IAM) deployment is setting up IAM systems to manage user access by configuring solutions, integrating them into existing systems, and establishing effective identity and access policies.

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We provide tailored solutions, ensuring robust protection, streamlined operations, and peace of mind in your organization’s identity management:

  • IAM as a holistic business program – not just IT.
  • Focused on people, processes, and technology integration.
  • Emphasizing clear vision, strategy, and business buy-in.
  • Begin with broad goals and implement them in manageable steps.
  • Rapid deployment with a focus on compliance and control.
  • Begin with broad goals and implement them in manageable steps.

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Of all breaches involve credentials, whether stolen via social engineering or hacked using brute force
Of all IAM implementations are driven by compliance requirements (e.g., HIPAA, HITECH, PCI DSS, GDPR, DORA, NIS)

IAM Deployment

How To Streamline Access Management for Enhanced Security and Compliance


Schedule Your Initial Consultation

Kickstart your IAM transformation with an introductory session. Our experts will review your needs, analyze your current setup, and devise a personalized IAM plan for your organization.


Comprehensive IAM Evaluation

Our team undertakes an in-depth evaluation of your IAM processes, pinpointing improvement areas and opportunities for better security and operational integration.


Tailoring Your IAM Solution

Drawing from our assessment, we craft a bespoke IAM strategy, selecting the right tools and designs for effective workflow integration and infrastructural compatibility.


Seamless Implementation and Training

We seamlessly integrate the custom IAM solution into your system with minimal interruption and equip your team with thorough training on system management, compliance, and best practices.

We have always experienced the Truesec employees we have been in contact with as super skilled and service minded.

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We’re a reliable partner that will help you on your IAM journey, regardless of your organization’s maturity level or IAM state.

We’ll provide the entire team because we know all the ins and outs. We offer extensive services that cover the needed expertise and requirements for conducting IAM on all three levels – strategic, tactical, and operational.

Streamlined access management

IAM Deployment Step by Step


Planning and Strategy

Defining objectives, assessing requirements, and strategizing the implementation of IAM solutions based on the organization’s needs and goals.


System Configuration

Configuring IAM tools, software, or platforms to align with the organization’s structure, policies, and security requirements. This includes setting up user directories, access controls, authentication mechanisms, etc.



Integrating IAM systems with existing applications, databases, and directories to streamline user access and ensure seamless authentication and authorization processes.


Policy Definition

Establishing access policies, roles, permissions, and governance frameworks to regulate user access based on defined rules and requirements.


User Onboarding and Training

Onboarding users into the IAM system, assigning appropriate access rights, and providing training on IAM policies and procedures to ensure user compliance.


Monitoring and Maintenance

Implementing continuous monitoring mechanisms to track user activity, detect anomalies, and ensure compliance. Regular maintenance and updates are also crucial for the ongoing effectiveness of the IAM system.