Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Truesec’s GRC services, led by top cybersecurity consultants, will help your organization maintain compliance with industry standards, regulations, and insurance requirements while managing ongoing cyber threats.

Governance, risk, and compliance

Better Risk Management

Truesec’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) services provide a structured approach to cybersecurity risk management, helping you prepare for the worst-case scenario. Within our GRC capabilities, we:

  • Identify and address threats to minimize risks.
  • Align your cybersecurity efforts with organizational goals.
  • Navigate complex regulations to maintain compliance and build trust.

Beyond assessments

Matching Your GRC Strategy With Tomorrow's Challenges

Truesec specializes in creating tailored roadmaps and implementing strategies aligned with frameworks like NIST, NIS2, DORA, and ISO 27001. Our comprehensive service covers evaluation to full-scale execution, ensuring your organization’s GRC capabilities are well rounded and future ready.

Governance, risk, and compliance

Why We’re Different

Of the Top 100 Nordic companies choose Truesec as their GRC partner
Dedicated cybersecurity specialists

Governance, risk, and compliance


  • Compliance Assessment
  • Cloud Security
  • NIST, ISO 27001
  • CISO Advisory On-Demand
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Due Diligence
  • Security Vetting

Governance, risk, and compliance

Optimize Your Risk Management Step by Step


Initial Consultation

Start by scheduling a consultation to discuss your cybersecurity needs and assess your current state.


Risk Assessment

Our team conducts a thorough analysis to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities in your organization.


Strategy Development

We help you develop a risk-based cybersecurity strategy that addresses both immediate risks and long-term objectives.


Framework Alignment

We align your cybersecurity efforts with key frameworks and regulatory requirements, ensuring comprehensive compliance.



Truesec implements the recommended cybersecurity measures and strategies, integrating them seamlessly into your operations.


Training and Awareness

We equip your team with the necessary knowledge through training sessions on cybersecurity best practices and compliance.


Ongoing Evaluation

By continuously monitoring and reviewing your cybersecurity posture, we adjust the strategy to adapt to new threats and changes in your organization.

Strategic cybersecurity advice based on real-world insights

Navigating Risk Complexity

Our GRC services cover the entire cybersecurity spectrum, offering unique insights into threat operations and effective strategies for risk management. With international experience across various industries, our advisory services are grounded in deep expertise – covering IT and data governance, Human Threat Intelligence, and zero trust security concepts.

Cybersecurity isn’t just about tech; it’s about people

Helping You Fight Insider Threats

Our Human Threat Intelligence unit focuses on security vetting, recognizing that the real assets of your organization are the people who have access to your data and insights. Our approach aims to anticipate and prevent internal risks such as espionage, crime, and disloyalty.

Governance, risk, and compliance

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