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Red Team Testing

Red team testing is a full-scope, multi-layered attack simulation designed to measure how well your company’s people and networks, applications, and physical security controls can withstand an attack from a real-life adversary.

Why Do a Red Team Test?

A Red Team exercise improves your enterprise cybersecurity posture by demonstrating the impacts of successful attacks and by demonstrating what works for the defenders (i.e., the Blue Team in a Red Team/Blue Team exercise) in an operational environment.

We do this by conducting a realistic, offensive, intelligence-led test of specified critical live production systems, people, and processes that underpin the organization’s critical functions, as agreed upon in the scoping meeting.

The Six Steps in Our Red Team Exercise

  1. An initial scoping meeting between our Red Team and your White Team.
  2. We initialize the exercise by having separate startup meetings for the Red Team and the White Team.
  3. Execution. The execution consists of several steps, such as recon, initial compromise, establishing persistence, and escalating privileges, to mention a few.
  4. The White Team and the Blue Team detail their results in a written report.
  5. Replay Workshop.
  6. 360 Feedback Meeting.

During the Red Team cybersecurity test, we measure your current ability to prevent, detect, and respond to the activities. We can then use the results in workshops to improve your organization’s security posture and Blue Team, all as part of our Red Team Security Service.

Popular Attack Vectors for a Red Team Exercise

  • Exposed Servers
  • User Devices
  • Wireless Exposure
  • Physical Exposure
  • Internal Systems
  • Infrastructure Compromise
  • High-Value Targets
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