Accessible to all societal actors, companies, and organizations

Northern Europe's leading Cybersecurity Center in Stockholm

Cybersecurity Center

Truesec has initiated a center that will deliver state-of-the-art capabilities to meet new and future cyber threats to society

Northern Europe’s leading Cybersecurity Center is located in central Stockholm, Sweden. The center is accessible to all societal actors, companies, and organizations. It aims to be a platform for innovation, sharing knowledge, and collaboration for jointly increased cyber threat detection and defense capabilities.

At the center, the antagonists who threaten Swedish and global interests are tracked and monitored by Truesec’s foremost expertise, which today includes more than 300 people in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Germany in the operation.

Cybersecurity center location Stockholm

Protect society

Cybersecurity Center counters growing threats

The Cybersecurity Center is a private contribution to meet Sweden’s and other countries’ need for increased cyber capabilities, given the current geopolitical situation. The war against Ukraine and geopolitical turbulence have drastically changed the threat landscape for our society, and the number of cyber attacks is increasing.

We prevent data breaches every day and handle the most complex cyber incidents in Sweden and elsewhere. As a private player, we can be more energetic and transparent and move faster than the state-owned national counterpart. Thus, we are an important complement to our society’s protection.

Person working in cybersecurity center looking into data regarding cybersecurity

Protect society

The center has an intelligence department that maps and monitors actors posing a threat to society

A monitoring center also protects hundreds of thousands of systems and computers in critical operations and other organizations around the clock. In addition to defensive capabilities, the center’s offensive capabilities can simulate realistic antagonistic attacks, identify vulnerabilities, and train organizations.


Protect society

Would you like to be a partner?

Given the threat scenario that our societies face, the center provides us with the conditions needed to be the cyber partner that private businesses and the public sector need to protect their business, competitiveness, and digital services against cybercrime.