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Our offensive security services

Penetration Testing

The goal of a penetration testing exercise is to identify security vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your organization before malicious attackers or cybercriminals can exploit them.



Penetration testing

Adapting the Mindset and Tactics of an Attacker

At its core, a penetration test is about adopting the mindset and tactics of an attacker. Pentesters use a variety of tools and strategies to probe for weaknesses in security defenses, much like a cybercriminal would, but with a crucial difference – their actions are legal, ethical, and intended to strengthen, not harm, the system.

Penetration testing

Our Offensive Security Services

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Penetration Testing

Our penetration test service involves detailed, controlled simulations by our cybersecurity specialists to uncover system vulnerabilities with the intention of providing comprehensive insights and strategies to help you enhance your defenses and manage cyber risks more effectively.

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Red Team Exercise

A red team exercise is the closest simulation of a real-world threat targeting your company. It’s designed to identify vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and gaps in your defensive security controls. Our approach strengthens your resilience by enhancing detection, response, and incident management, tailored by expert cybersecurity professionals.

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Purple Team Exercise

A purple team exercise is a simulated cyber attack where both the attackers and defenders work together to test and improve the organization’s security posture. The exercise is designed to identify vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and gaps in the organization’s defensive security controls.

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Application Resilience Assessment

This exercise aims to create total transparency of your actual application cyber- resilience level. We do this, in collaboration with you, by simulating a controlled cyber attack against your applications, challenging your procedure and processes, and creating a relevant and prioritized roadmap that can be implemented directly into your future IT Security Strategy.

Vulnerability Analysis

Through meticulous evaluation, we reveal and prioritize security flaws, equipping you with strategic remedies to mitigate risks and strengthen your cyber resilience.

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Threat Impact Assessment

The Threat Impact Assessment is a complete cyber security analysis and active penetration test of your entire IT environment. During the analysis, we will emulate and execute tactics, techniques, and procedures as used by threat actors in real IT security incidents.

Four simple steps to secure your business

Kickstart Your Defense Step by Step

Each step is designed to ensure a fortified cybersecurity posture that’s robust and responsive to evolving threats. Learn more about the nature of a penetration test.


Initial Scoping Meeting

Together, we’ll pinpoint your goals, from exposing vulnerabilities to refining your incident response. We’ll align on the scope, tailor everything to your needs, and set clear expectations within your budget.



Our specialists launch sophisticated, intelligence-led offensive assessments to identify and map your system’s soft spots.


Feedback Session

We don’t just hand over a report; we walk you through it. In this interactive meeting, we unpack our findings, answer your questions, and plot your path to more robust security.

Penetration testing


Proactive Defense

By identifying and addressing security gaps proactively, companies can fortify their defenses against potential cyber attacks.

Threat Hunting made by cybersecurity consultants

Prioritized Remediation of Risks

The insights gained from a pentest report enable organizations to prioritize remediation efforts, focusing resources on the most critical vulnerabilities.

if an attack occurs we respond directly

Demonstrating Due Diligence

By conducting regular penetration tests, organizations not only comply with legal requirements but also demonstrate their commitment to maintaining robust security practices.

Regulatory Adherence

Many industries are governed by stringent cybersecurity regulations. Regular pentesting helps ensure compliance with these standards, such as GDPR, HIPAA, DORA, TIBRE or PCI-DSS

Penetration testing

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