COO Truesec Detect

Petter Fahlström

Having +25 years of experience in IT on both the supplier and customer side – doing everything from coding to management – Petter Fahlström is the COO of Truesec Detect. He is central to service and capability development and is an appreciated customer advisor.

Petter is driven by a will to protect organizations and fight back against the cyberbullies of criminal networks and rogue states. He believes in thought leadership through mind and heart – and that humor (almost) always has a place.

Petters experience

A technical background as a developer and system administrator, with a maintained interest still in place. Practical experience in IT Service Management and Cyber Security through multiple leadership roles on both the supplier side and the customer side. Battle-proven Major Incident and Crisis Manager. 

Experience as an educator and speaker from both international exhibitions and summits, spanning from the early 00’s. Recurring host, moderator and speaker in both internal and external Truesec events. Most recently, appreciated as a panelist and speaker in both digital and physical events, in and outside of Sweden, primarily on topics regarding the current and emerging cyber threat landscape and how to defend. 

Petter Fahlstrom Truesec expert and speaker.