Cybersecurity challenges

Identify Your Vulnerabilities and Risks

Manage your hardware, software, and “humanware” threats, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses.

Anticipate Data Breaches

Unknown vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your IT environment will drastically increase the risk of being hit by a cyber attack. Unidentified leaks may become threats. To ensure a secure infrastructure and stay ahead of threat actors, you need to identify vulnerabilities and create a secure infrastructure on all levels of your organization. It is by truly knowing your vulnerabilities related to systems, infrastructure, and humans that you can start to mitigate potential threats.

Effective Solutions To Prevent Security Weaknesses

To ensure business continuity, an organization requires expertise and services that identify and prevent potential weaknesses in the long run. At Truesec, we identify and quantify your vulnerabilities and your risk of exposure to cybersecurity incidents in many different ways, using everything from Red Team exercises to security health checks, penetration testing, and assessments.

With our Threat Intelligence, we predict future trends and implement processes and solutions that strengthen cyber resilience against new and developing threats. Our Human Threat Intelligence services also help you manage potential threats posed by the human factor, as malicious insiders are often mistakenly disregarded as cybersecurity risks. We identify technical weaknesses and strengths, manage code reviews in both specific applications and entire IT environments, and provide the expertise and solutions required to create a secure infrastructure.

Human Threat Intelligence

Strategic Advice and Customized Solutions

As our customer, you will be provided with strategic advice on what services to use and what expertise to develop internally to successfully uncover and reduce vulnerabilities and risks in your security architecture. Our solutions are easily adapted to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Based on our unique expertise and firsthand experience of data breaches and cybercrime, we help you create sustainable and secure networks, systems, and development.

Services to Identify Your Vulnerabilities and Risks

Application Security Champion
Attack Surface Assessment
Azure Active Directory Review
Business Impact Analysis
Enterprise Vulnerability Scanning and Discovery
Forensics and Reverse Engineering
Holistic Cybersecurity Assessment
Human Threat Health Check
Network Security Review
Penetration Testing
Red Team Exercise
Secure Development - Custom Training and Workshops
Security Health Check
Security Vetting Interview
Software Security Initiative (SSI)
Software Security Therapy
Strategic Security Assessment
Threat Intelligence-based Ethical Red Teaming (TIBER-EU)
Threat Intelligence: Leak Detection and Mitigation
Threat Modeling Exercise
Threat Profile Report
Training: Application Security Testing and Mitigation for Developers and Testers
VMware Environment Security Review
Vulnerability Detection
Dot pattern
The essential cybersecurity capabilities

Our Capabilities Framework

Staying ahead of cyber threats and successfully preventing as well as reacting to cyber breaches requires expertise and resources within five essential cybersecurity capabilities. We provide access to and help you develop these must-haves to ensure you get the best possible cybersecurity for your needs.

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