The essential cybersecurity capabilities



Prevent a Cyber Attack and Minimize Damage

We provide the expertise and services needed to stop the attackers and minimize the impact if a cyber breach occurs by identifying vulnerabilities and implementing solutions that close the door on cybercriminals.

We combine the knowledge and insight gained from managing the largest cyber incidents, tracking vulnerabilities and leaks on the dark web, and continuously analyzing how attacks are evolving.

To prevent a cyber breach, we:
  • Secure your development and processes.
  • Identify and help remedy vulnerabilities in your IT environment.
  • Create strong and cost-effective solutions for infrastructure, applications, data centers, and IT environments.

Services to Help Prevent Cyber Attacks

Active Directory Review
Active Directory Tiering Implementation
Agile Security
Application Security Champion
AppSec Maturity Assessment
Attack Surface Assessment
Business Impact Analysis
Code Review
Connected Devices Security (IoT, OT, Embedded)
Cybersecurity Advisement
Cybersecurity Enhancement Program
Cybersecurity Governance Health Check
DevOps and CI/CD Security Assessment
DPIA Screening and Full DPIA Analysis
Enterprise Vulnerability Scanning and Discovery
Entra ID Review
Holistic Cybersecurity Assessment
Human Threat Health Check
Legal Incident Response
Microsoft 365 and Office 365 Review
Modern Datacenter Build and Implementation
Network Security Review
Penetration Testing
Ransomware Risk Assessment
Red Team Exercise
Secure Development
Secure Development - Custom Training and Workshops
Security Health Check
Security Vetting Interview
Social Engineering Services
Software Security Initiative (SSI)
Software Security Therapy
Strategic Security Assessment
Threat Intelligence-based Ethical Red Teaming (TIBER-EU)
Threat Modeling Exercise
Training: Application Security Testing and Mitigation for Developers and Testers
Training: Secure Coding Patterns
Truesec's NIS2 Program
VMware Environment Security Review
Vulnerability Detection
Dot pattern
The essential cybersecurity capabilities

Our Capabilities Framework

Staying ahead of cyber threats and successfully preventing as well as reacting to cyber breaches requires expertise and resources within five essential cybersecurity capabilities. We provide access to and help you develop these must-haves to ensure you get the best possible cybersecurity for your needs.

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