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Microsoft has released the next generation of its Azure Stack HCI service. They are now launching a preview of the Azure Stack HCI v2, which enables users to run the service on their own servers and includes built-in integration with Azure Arc, among other new features. We dive deep into the subject and give you our recommendations. Microsoft users who are not ready or able to run Azure in their own or partners' data centers have had another hybrid option for accessing Azure services: Azure Stack HCI. Here, Microsoft describes the next-generation Azure Stack HCI. In this slightly longer webcast section, we have invited many of our experts: Mikael Nyström, Markus Lassfolk, Mattias Lehmus, Jörgen Brandelius, etc. They will dive deep into this news and sort out the different concepts.

Key Learnings

  • Azure Stack HCI is now running on a newly developed operating system.
  • Managed locally with Windows Admin Center and centrally with Azure - a true hybrid system.
  • Improved performance in all layers.
  • Many new features are ready now, including site-2-site replication with a failover feature.
  • Works with and without System Center.
  • Self Service features come in Azure for Azure Stack HCI.
  • Annual updates of drivers, firmware, and operating systems.
  • New support model.
  • New licensing model.
  • Extended security updates for Windows Server 2008 virtual machines (Included / free of charge). Stretch Cluster for high availability/disaster recovery.


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