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When Disaster is a Fact, Are You Prepared?


When an IT attack or an accessibility incident occurs, the business often looks at IT for the entire solution. This creates passivity in management and operations, frustration and often loss of great values.

Crisis Management for Management Teams

In order to handle such a situation, it is crucial that the management and execution activities lead to a crisis to manage the consequences that the IT attack or incident causes, and that IT leads to an incident to take care of and restore the system environment. During the webinar, we explain the relationship between crisis management and incident management, highlight the most common pitfalls and focus on the prerequisites for effective crisis and incident management. Truesec's Mats Hultgren and Elin Richarz from Practice will guide you through the entire webinar.

This Tech Talk gives you who work in IT departments an opportunity to ask your questions and get advice on how you can engage the management team and ensure that you have the help you need to be able to handle a crisis.

What We'll Talk About:

  • Why a well-functioning crisis management function is crucial for effective incident response
  • How a crisis management needs to work
  • What is the difference between the incident team and the crisis management


If you want to increase the chance that we have time to answer your specific question, email it today to t3@truesec.com



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