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How Do Red Teams Legally Hack Into Banks?

Join our second Tech Talk show of 2022 - a digital tech show by geeks for geeks with demos, Q&As, reportages, challenges, and other fun stuff. This episode focuses on offensive cybersecurity, and more precisely methods hackers use to get access to an IT environment.

Tune in to STÖK, our hacker/creative and tech community host, and Fabio Viggiani, Technical Lead Cybersecurity and part of our Incident Response Team, discussing the topic of how red teaming can help organizations and businesses assess their security posture and how to safeguard assets against a persistent cyber attack.

You'll get insights into how real-world hackers work by:

  • Defining the Target.
  • Information Gathering.
  • Social Engineering.
  • Exploitation.

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Who It's For

Tech Professionals, IT technicians, IT professionals, and those who work in an IT department and are interested in cybersecurity.



What's a Tech Talk?

Tech Talk is our digital tech show broadcasted on YouTube by geeks for geeks to help you stay ahead in cyber. Each episode features leading cybersecurity techies delivering insights directly from the trenches, hosted by our tech community guru STÖK. We interact with inspiring people and discuss interesting topics with demos, challenges, and fun happenings – anything can happen!

No registration is required - tune in to the show on our YouTube channel!

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