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Radar Ecosystems Specialists Report 2021

Truesec Top-Rated by Clients in Perceived Value


IT Security clients rank Truesec as number one in their newly released report by Swedish Radar Ecosystem Specialists about IT security vendors.

Highest Perceived Value in Relationship with Their Customers

The result from market research company Swedish Radar Ecosystem Specialist's report on IT security vendors (“IT-säkerhetsspecialister, tillit och varumärkeskännedom 2021”), puts Truesec as number one in perceived value in the relationship with their customers.

A total of 321 respondents (IT decision-makers) were asked the question about which suppliers transfer the highest value in relationship with their customers (i.e., perception of value in the relationship). The response was that a large majority (72%) of all respondents viewed Truesec to provide the highest value.

See below results for details (in Swedish):

From Radar Ecosystem Specialists Report

To access the full report please visit Radar Ecosystem Specialists webpage.

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