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The Red Cross Calls on Truesec to Strengthen Its Security Posture


Truesec has entered a partnership with the humanitarian organization Swedish Red Cross. The partnership aims to secure the Red Cross' operational capability and IT security by strengthening the organization's resilience to cyber breaches.

This long-term partnership gives the Red Cross access to Truesec's full range of services and cybersecurity expertise. The organizations will also be collaborating on development projects, during which the Red Cross will offer Truesec its insight and know-how.

With the ongoing digital transformation, IT and information security are becoming increasingly important for the Red Cross. The organization's ability to provide emergency assistance and disaster relief worldwide is dependent upon the robustness of its IT systems and security of its data.

“We are the world's foremost disaster organization. Our capability to provide relief in a crisis depends on our ability to communicate with each other as well as having access to the right information. As an increasingly digital organization, we need to reinforce our IT and information security. Therefore, we have chosen to enter a partnership with Truesec to develop and strengthen our cybersecurity capabilities in a structured way”, says Martin Tägtström, CIO at the Swedish Red Cross.

The partnership is based on a mutual commitment toward a safer and more secure world. By supporting the Red Cross, Truesec is advancing its mission of a secure digital future.

“We look forward to contributing to the Red Cross' important work. They make a true difference to so many in need, and we are grateful for their trust”, says Anna Averud, CEO of Truesec Group.

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