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Truesec Acquires Venzo Cyber Security A/S, a Leading Danish Cyber Specialist Organization


Truesec´s acquisition of Venzo Cyber Security A/S, a former Venzo Group company, marks an important step for Truesec on its mission to create a safe digital future, as well as to further strengthen its cybersecurity capabilities.

“The acquisition of Venzo Cyber Security A/S significantly enhances our cyber defense capabilities, enabling us to better protect society from cyber attacks. We are excited to welcome the team to Truesec, as their expertise combined with our cyberspecialists in Denmark will make a significant difference in creating a safer society for all organizations in Denmark and Northern Europe”, says Anna Averud – CEO of Truesec Group.

- We are pleased to have found a new owner for our group company, Venzo Cyber Security A/S, and we are very happy on the team’s behalf. In Truesec, they will become part of a dedicated security firm with a global reach, while VENZO continue to pursue our strategy of delivering large multi-disciplinary digital transformation programs in Denmark and the Nordics, says Søren Luplau-Pagh, CEO of VENZO Group.

- This is a significant step forward and will further strengthen Truesec’s offering in Denmark and the Nordics. At Truesec our ambition is to secure Europe´s society against cyber attacks. With our strong team, we're better equipped to proactively prevent cyber attacks and minimize their impact, says Morten von Seelen, CEO Truesec Denmark.

The acquisition is expected to be completed June 1, 2023.

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Jennie Mattar
CMO, Truesec
Email: Jennie.mattar@truesec.com
Phone: +46-72 858 88 78

Anna Averud
CEO, Truesec
Email: Anna.averud@truesec.com
Phone: +46-70 918 30 48

Søren Luplau-Pagh Group
Email: slp@venzo.com
Phone: +45 20 28 56 73

About Truesec

Truesec is a global cybersecurity company with a clear purpose: creating a safer society by preventing cyber attacks. Since its founding in 2005, Truesec has gained a strong reputation and earned the trust of organizations worldwide. Today, Truesec consists of over 300 dedicated cyber specialists in Sweden, US, Denmark, Finland, and Germany – covering the full spectrum of cybersecurity. www.truesec.com

About Venzo Cyber Security A/S

Venzo Cyber security A/S was founded 2020 as part of Venzo Group, a leader in digital change. Venzo Cyber Security A/S is focused on protecting enterprise and public clients against cyber threats. Today, Venzo Cyber Security A/S has obtained a strong position in the Danish market delivering high quality security advisory, solutions, and managed services.

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