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New recommendations for cybersecurity baseline

Truesec and WTW Announce Joint Guidelines to Help Companies Strengthen Their Cybersecurity


The trend for ransomware continues to rise rapidly and even more widely. According to figures from Truesec's Threat Landscape Report 2021, the cost of cybercrime has now exceeded 30 billion SEK per year. Truesec and Willis Towers Watson have therefore announced recommendations to help your company strengthen its cybersecurity.

Ransomware continues to increase in both frequency and scope. Willis Towers Watson and Truesec have therefore determined guidelines for how each company should establish a good cybersecurity posture.

An increasing number of companies are suffering from cyber attacks, and in recent times this has led both to the suspension of healthcare and to entire communities being affected when critical infrastructure is attacked, an example of that is the US fuel pipeline that led to rising gasoline prices and pains.

To make it easier for organizations that want to strengthen their cybersecurity, Truesec, and WTW, have developed clear guidelines that support companies to establish good cybersecurity. The guidelines are intended as a basic level, where each organization can decide the next steps, based on its conditions and goals.

Cybersecurity Baseline Recommendations

Guidelines to Help Companies Strengthen Their Cybersecurity

To help clients ensure a healthy cybersecurity baseline, Truesec and Willis Tower Watson have developed clear guidelines that outline the baseline recommendations on cybersecurity.

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