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Truesec Appoints New Chief People & Culture Officer


Today, Truesec announces the appointment of Maja Samuelsson as Chief People & Culture Officer to attract new talent, develop existing expertise, ensure a strong culture, and strengthen leadership in Truesec's growth journey in several markets. Maja started her new role on August 14 of this year.

The cybersecurity company Truesec has had a solid growth journey and is currently in five markets: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the US, and Germany. Truesec's need to develop existing expertise and attract new talent globally has increased in connection with this growth.

Truesec has appointed Maja Samuelsson as Chief People & Culture Officer to continue to grow and attract valuable expertise. In her new role, Maja will focus on Truesec's key factors to attract new talents and develop existing skills. She will continue to build on Truesec's strong culture and strengthen the company’s leadership, which is constantly growing into new markets and with new insights.

"We are pleased to welcome Maja to Truesec and see that she will be a key person in developing our business to the next step by focusing on our most important resource ‒ our employees. Maja will continue to strengthen our leadership and create the best conditions for our teams to be engaged at work, develop, and live up to our purpose in all countries where we are represented. At Truesec, the commitment and expertise of our employees are in focus. We have an important mission: to prevent and minimize the damage of data breaches, and this mission requires us to take good care of our leaders and teams. Cyber is demanding, and the focus on leadership and our talents allows us to continue to grow and deliver at the highest level to our clients.", says Anna Averud, CEO of Truesec Group.

Maja Samuelsson was educated in the Human Resources program at Uppsala University and came most recently from DigitalRoute, where she held the position of SVP Human Resources for six years. She has also previously been an HR Consultant at Wise Consulting and HR Manager at TP Vision/Philips TV.

"I am very happy to become a part of Truesec, where in my role, I will continue to ensure that we have a strong focus on people, culture, and leadership to enable the company's continued growth journey and international expansion. I look forward to being part of a company with such a strong and clear purpose, which permeates the entire company. Truesec is today an attractive employer, and we will ensure that we continue to be that in all markets where we are represented through a constant drive to develop and become even better for our employees and our customers", says Maja Samuelsson, Chief People & Culture Officer at Truesec Group.

For media inquiries:

Jennie Mattar CMO Truesec
Email: Jennie.mattar@truesec.com
Phone: +46-72 858 88 78

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Truesec is a global cybersecurity company with a clear purpose: Prevent breach and minimize impact. Since its founding in 2005, Truesec has gained a strong reputation and earned the trust of organizations worldwide. Today, Truesec consists of over 330 dedicated cyber specialists in Sweden, US, Denmark, Finland and Germany – covering the full spectrum of cybersecurity. www.truesec.com

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