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Truesec Launches IoT Cybersecurity Domain

Cyber attacks are continuing to increase at a worrying pace globally; at the same time, the adoption of IoT (Internet of Things) continues to lead the way for industry digitalization and transformation. We believe that the demand for security and advisory services within the IoT domain will grow dramatically because of the need to protect critical infrastructure from breach and outage.

With the number of reported IoT vulnerabilities skyrocketing exponentially in recent years and 57% of already deployed IoT devices being vulnerable to medium- or high-severity attacks, we believe it’s time to act.

IoT Is Everywhere

IoT today is seen everywhere, in all industries, and installations are growing at an exceptionally fast pace, expected to surpass almost 20 billion connected IoT devices globally by the end of 2022, a doubling in just a few years. This means that any elevator, digital lock, industrial production line, and other critical infrastructure is already or will be exposed to the internet.

Enterprises deploy IoT solutions to understand how their products are being used and to be able to make data-driven decisions to optimize operational efficiency. While IoT can enable significant business optimization, it certainly comes with risks. IoT security is today remarkably neglected; Truesec wants to contribute to a mindset shift to bring cybersecurity to the top of the IoT and digitalization agenda.

Dedicated IoT Cybersecurity Unit Ready To Help

We have appointed Patrik Axelsson as CEO for Truesec IoT. He will lead the way for the
dedicated business unit that focuses exclusively on services and advisory for IoT cybersecurity.

The commitment to the mission of preventing cyber breach and minimizing impact is at the core. We provide a tailored set of services and advice to support enterprises in building secure and sustainable IoT. Whether the enterprise is new to IoT or has a fully operational global IoT deployment, we work with companies of all sizes in any industry.