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Early Warning Sensor

Detect cyber threats before they impact your organization.

Early Warning Sensor

How does it work?

Threat intelligence

Truesec extensive library of threat intelligence is matched against patterns and packets in the network traffic. The sensor is placed outside the network perimeter

Baseline detection

In the wild the concept has proven to be surprisingly useful in its simplicity. Either as a complementary way of increasing visibility or baseline detection in cases where no active monitoring is in place

Warning system

Acting much like a tsunami warning system, the customer receives Threat Events when suspicious network traffic is detected, indicative of breach or intrusion attempt.

Early Warning Sensor

Many cyberattacks could have been noticed earlier

Did you know that many of the cyberattacks that impact organizations could have been noticed early and before any impact? As a matter of fact, Truesec CSIRT frequently finds that there were telltale signs days before the encryption step happens in ransomware cases.

For this very reason, Truesec has developed the Early Warning Sensor. The sensor sits right outside of your network and will, together with Truesec’s team of analysts, tell you if something is going in or coming out of your environment that could indicate the beginning of a cyber breach.

Early Warning Sensor

The Early Warning Sensors provide you with alerts and warnings of suspicious activity indicative of breach.

The sensor is a network sensor placed outside the your network perimeter. Truesec will match the monitored network traffic for patterns and signals in our extensive library of Threat Intelligence consisting of threat actor infrastructure, malware signatures, exploit code and exfiltration techniques.

Boost your cybersecurity posture

Why Choose the Early Warning Sensor?


The Early Warning Sensor enables security monitoring capability that detects threats before they turn into business disruption.

Rapid Response

Alerts will be forwarded to you for from our Analysis Center, if you have a SOC – from Truesec, in-house or out-sourced – the alerts will be forwarded to them for triage.

Get The Power Of Threat Intelligence

Truesec detects threats from 24/7 monitoring of over 500.000 endpoints and respond to over 200 incidents every year in the Nordics. Truesec Threat Intelligence integrates into the EWS enabling a collective defense, an attack against one Truesec customer becomes protection for all.

Fast Implementation

Make it easy to implement the Early Warning Sensor into your security strategy, either as a virtual or as a physical appliance.

Global Threat Intelligence Visualization on Truesec Cybersecurity Platform

Truesec Portal

Access to the Truesec Platform

The Early Warning Sensor is part of the Truesec Platform, a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions designed to protect your organization from a wide range of threats.



Why Choose the Early Warning Sensor

What do we as a customer have to do?

You will receive the sensor and instructions on how to connect and configure the hardware. You will also be onboarded into the Truesec Platform.

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Do you inspect all traffic and can as such see into our communications?

The sensor will inspect the same network traffic available as it’s seen on the internet, meaning that the sensor will not break encryption.

Hacked computers will yield leaked credentials through malware stealer logs.

What kind of attacks can you detect throught this solution?

The sensor is most efficient at detecting command and control and exfiltration traffic. But other stages in the attack chain can be detected as well.

What’s the cost?

We offer the Early Warning Sensor from 5000 SEK per month.

a image of a datacenter Hacked computers will yield leaked credentials through malware stealer logs.

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