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Position Exposure Analysis

A Position Exposure Analysis is conducted by drawing data from written sources and interviewing people in key functions. In the interview format, Truesec maps the specific risk level when the individual performs their typical daily duties.

Secure Your Business

A Position Exposure Analysis provides a foundation for:

Best in class team protect your business form cyber attack.

Identifying key roles handling security-sensitive information

Ensuring compliance with the Protective Security Act

Threat Detection of IT systems

Enhancing organizational security measures

Mitigating potential threats to your business

Strengthening your overall security posture

Identifying key roles handling security-sensitive information

Secure Your Business

Sources, methods, and examples:

  • Research into the organizational governance model, business model, strategies, and business plans.
  • Research into job descriptions.
  • Interviews with management.
  • Interviews with security and HR functions.
  • Interviews with individuals selected in discussions between Truesec and the customer.
Carolina Angelis, expert Human Threat Intelligence

Secure Your Business

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