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Understand how and why insider incidents occur

Human Threat Intelligence Trainings

Attackers may find alternative methods to gain access, such as recruiting or infiltrating insiders. To address this threat, we provide both online and on-site training, lectures, and workshops.


Identify possible vulnerabilities

Our Experts have a long and solid background from the Swedish Intelligence and Security Agencies.

Most organizations today understand the need for technical security solutions to protect from cyber attacks. Few organizations realize that a consequence of secure technical environments is that an attacker will use other methods to create access, for example by recruiting or even placing someone on the inside.

Even fewer know how to handle this growing threat, which is frequently reported to be one of the most significant factors in cases of successful data exfiltration.

Carolina Angelis, expert Human Threat Intelligence

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We guide your path forward with on-site trainings, lectures, and workshops. Create a strong security culture, where awareness is key.