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Security Vetting Interview

The purpose of a Security Vetting Interview is to assess whether a person is reliable from a security perspective, whether they will be loyal to your company's interests, and to identify possible vulnerabilities that potentially could be exploited to gain access to sensitive information or operations.

What We Can Help You Do

Understand how and why insider incidents occur.
Employees are rarely disloyal when they're first hired; they usually don't join organizations with the intent to harm. Instead, it's typically something that occurs later on, usually due to personal or work-related stressors.

Understand motives and personal incentives.
Most people who end up betraying their company or their employer have some type of motive. For example, they might want more money or feel they've been overlooked by management and deserve better. However, that doesn't mean that most people would cross that line. Most of us have a moral compass that would never allow us to cross that boundary, no matter how much we would enjoy some extra cash or how much we might dislike certain changes at work.

When To Conduct a Security Vetting Interview

There could be many reasons for requiring an expert to interview someone and grant them a security clearance, such as:

  • When an individual applies for a job at your company or has to sign a contract with you.
  • When a known individual changes roles in the organization or begins a project with a higher security profile.
  • On a regular and recurring basis throughout the employee’s or contractor’s time with the organization, out of consideration for the colleague’s well-being while preemptively identifying changes in their life situation.
  • When something out of the ordinary happens, an incident occurs, or when you suspect that information has been leaked and you need to track who handled the data.
  • When an employee or contractor leaves the organization with knowledge of sensitive information they've gained during their time with the company.

How We Do It

Our methodology for conducting Security Vetting Interviews is based on professional knowledge and extensive experience from thousands of interviews. Our interviewers are experts in counter espionage and personnel security, with backgrounds in intelligence, protective security, and risk management (Armed Forces, National Police Service, etc.)

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