Know Your People

Security Vetting Operations

The purpose of a security vetting operations is to assess whether a person is reliable from a security perspective. Our clients are active within various sectors such as Energy Supply, Banking and Financial Services, Telecom and Cybersecurity.

Identify possible vulnerabilities

Indentify other factors, such as personality, connections and attitudes.

The Background Check helps us understand the past but also the present state of an individual, the Security Vetting makes it possible to indentify other factors, such as personality, connections and attitudes. Factors that later on may affect a person’s will or even possibility to stay loyal, which in turn might result in consequences such as malicious actions and decisions that could harm the business.

The combination of using facts with human interaction allows us to predict which gives You the possibility to prevent.

Security vetting is important to protect your business.

Secure Your Business

By implementing Security Vetting Operations

  • You minimize the insider risk and thereby probable consequences such as data breach, fraud, theft of trade secrets or intellectual property, sabotage and espionage
  • You prevent from hiring people with vulnerabilities that could potentially be exposed and used by a threat actor
  • You cultivate an environment where your team members truly embody your values, ensuring that both employees and contractors are loyal and trustworthy.
  • And by following up, You will be able to identify changes over time, in time
Human Threat Intelligence services at Truesec

Secure Your Business

Human Threat Intelligence service

For clients that are subject to the Protective Security Act (Säkerhetsskyddslagen) we conduct the Security Vetting Operations according to legal requirements.

For clients that manage sensitive information, assets and knowledge and wish to reduce the risk associated with insiders, but who are not subject to PSA we customize and adapt the process to suit the client’s requirements.

Professional knowledge

How We Do It

Our methodology for conducting security vetting interviews is based on professional knowledge and extensive experience from thousands of interviews. Our interviewers are experts in counter-espionage and personnel security, with backgrounds in intelligence, protective security, and risk management (Armed Forces, National Police Service, etc.)