Threat intelligence

Predict Cyber Attacks With Threat Intelligence

We analyze numerous cyber attacks yearly, giving you an intelligence edge to defend smarter, prioritize defenses, and boost resilience against cyber threats.

Cybersecurity risks

What Truesec Empowers You To Achieve

In today’s world, cybersecurity risks change fast. We help you avoid these threats, not just catch up to them. Our threat intelligence lets you identify and stop these risks before they affect your business.

  • Make decisions based on real-world data.
  • Prioritize initiatives that make a difference.
  • Achieve operational, tactical, and strategic excellence for all cybersecurity activities.
  • Provide data for your strategic planning.
  • Understand what defensive capabilities are necessary to defend against the attacks of today and tomorrow.
  • Minimize your relevant cyber risks.
Threat Intelligence report. This image shows the society associated to cybercrime

The current cyber threat landscape

Threat Intelligence Report 2023

Cybercrime is still on the rise, and the geopolitical situation in Europe is affecting the cyber threat landscape. In our 2023 Threat Intelligence Report, you’ll acquire an in-depth understanding of the evolving cyber threats and how to prioritize your cybersecurity investments to minimize your risk moving forward.

The Threat Landscape


Of attacks last year originated for publicly accessible and vulnerable systems, outpacing phishing as the main attack vector.


Represents the rise of ransomware attacks during last year and remains the top threat to medium and large corporations.


Of incidents Truesec responded to last year started with a threat actor logging into a victim environment using valid authentication.


Threat Intelligence Matters to Your Business

Reduce Threat Exposure

By acting proactively, you’re less likely to face breaches, keeping your most important assets safe.

Maximize Security ROI

Our insights guide you to invest in areas with the highest risk, making your defense more efficient and powerful.

Improved Incident Readiness

You receive actionable information and can refine your incident response plans, reducing downtime and protecting your reputation.

Being prepared means staying ahead

Truesec’s Unique Approach

In today’s world, cybersecurity risks change fast. We help you avoid these threats, not just catch up to them. Our threat intelligence lets you see and stop these risks before they affect your business.

Our approach is about being proactive. We give you a clear view of current threats so you can make smart security choices. By understanding how attackers operate, you can build a strong, quick-to-respond security setup.

Step-by-step guide

Start With Threat Intelligence: Step by Step


Start Simple

Use threat intelligence reports to raise awareness around threats, capabilities, and impact. Learn about how the threat landscape is organized and the drivers behind cyber attacks.

Subscribe to Threat Notices to receive alerts when there is news on critical vulnerabilities or large attack campaigns.


Align With Business

Create a threat profile to document the threats to your organization and their associated capabilities.

Document your priority intelligence requirements from the combination of threat profile, regulatory requirements, and your specific business needs.

Use threat intelligence as part of due diligence and monitor yourself.


Threat Centric

Establish a threat intelligence process. Let the expected outcome and priority intelligence requirements define how you implement and run the process and what sources to use.

Join a community for deeper cooperation around threat intelligence and effective security controls.