Travel & Event Security Support (TESS) Employees traveling

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Travel & Event Security Support (TESS)

Few organizations realize that a consequence of secure technical environments is that an attacker will use other methods to create access, for example by recruiting or even placing someone on the inside

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Safeguarding Employees Beyond the Office Environment

When attending events, international confereces and exhibitions or during business travels, employees are likely to be more vulnerable than when working at the office. This is due to several factors such as using public wifi, leaving computers or documents at the hotel room, having sensitive conversations in the hotel bar, or interacting with people they haven’t met before.

Although some of the threats are technical, it always boiles down to the individual handling the technic and the situation. TESS is a service offered by the Human Threat Intelligence Team that includes guidance, training and precense to keep Your data and people safe wherever You are

People that travel is always a risk

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Travel & Event Security Support (TESS)