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Vulnerability Detection

Prevent costly breaches by fixing the vulnerabilities that matter. Vulnerability Detection is a managed service from Truesec that empowers organizations to protect themselves from damaging breaches before they occur by radically simplifying their vulnerability management process.

40% of incidents are linked to vulnerabilities

One of the key trends Truesec has observed during the incident response assignments in 2021, is that more than 40% of all attacks originated from publicly accessible and vulnerable systems.

Once a vulnerability in a popular software has been disclosed, it may be only a matter of hours until worldwide scanning is initiated by attackers to search for vulnerable systems.

New risk exposure challenges

With digital transformation, companies are introducing new risks by moving assets to the cloud, increasing the use of SaaS and remote work, as well as adding IoT devices to their environment. This increasingly dynamic attack surface is creating new exposure challenges that traditional vulnerability management is unfit to solve. Inefficient methods for scanning, inaccurate prioritization, overwhelming assessments and the lack of a unified view make it hard to fix weaknesses, especially when resources are lacking.

By continuously looking at weaknesses, big and small, old and new, the service delivers an up-to-date list of the top high-risk vulnerabilities and what do about them. This remediation advice highlights operational and user experience impact so that organizations can focus their resources and maintenance windows to better protect their environments with reduced disruption.

Take an offensive stance to reduce your attack surface

Top Risks - Expert Prioritization

Prevent costly breaches by simplifying the mitigation of key business-critical vulnerabilities with contextualized and practical remediation advice.

Holistic Coverage - Continuous Scanning

Lower risks through continuous vulnerability identification across internal and external assets, known and unknown, on-premise and in the cloud.

Proactive Defense - Unique Insights

Avoid damaging exploits by quickly focusing on vulnerabilities that are used in emerging attack campaigns, based on IT & OT threat intelligence.

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Data & Technology Advantage

The service prioritizes weaknesses across a broad coverage using a combination of best-of-breed automated tools and dedicated work by the Truesec Offensive Security experts. The top vulnerability list is augmented by unique threat intelligence resulting from working with complex incidents, to quickly bring to attention vulnerabilities that are currently being exploited in active attack campaigns.

Leading offensive cybersecurity experts

As digital exposure increases, continuous discovery, classification and monitoring of assets is not enough. We take the view of an attacker to help you prioritize your risks based on the most likely threats.

Our battle-hardened team of 30+ dedicated offensive security specialists, penetration testers and red team ethical hackers evaluate the data to help focus on the vulnerabilities that matter.

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