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Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is an ongoing, proactive, and comprehensive process that safeguards your computer systems, networks, and enterprise applications against cyber attacks and data breaches.

Vulnerability Management

Last year, 59% of all the high-impact cyber incidents we responded to began with cybercriminals exploiting vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

There are far too many vulnerabilities for most organizations to handle continuously. But only a few of these are actually used by threat actors in current or emerging attacks. These can’t wait until next month’s patch window to be fixed.​


Prevent breach

Business Benefits

Reduce Risks

Leverage Truesec insights to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities before they are used in current and emerging cyber attacks.

Minimize Costs

Relieve your team from costly vulnerability management processes by focusing on what matters.

Regulatory Compliance

Maintaining an effective vulnerability management strategy aligns with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Increase your capability to prevent breach

It can take as little as 12 hours from when a vulnerability is first disclosed until threat actors are using it in mass exploitation campaigns​.

Using our Vulnerability Management service, you can reduce internal costs while gaining a more effective capability to prevent cyber breaches. We have deep insight and extensive experience in incident response and threat intelligence. We know which vulnerabilities are exploited and continually check your environment to assess if you’re affected.​


Vulnerability Management

Leading Offensive Cybersecurity Experts

As digital exposure increases and the cybercriminal ecosystem evolves, rapidly identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities becomes crucial in protecting against cyber attacks. With the help of insights gained from Truesec incident response and threat intelligence, our battle-hardened team of dedicated offensive security specialists, penetration testers, and Red Team ethical hackers evaluate the data to help focus on the vulnerabilities currently being exploited by threat actors in current and emerging cyber attacks.

Be prepared for an cybersecurity incident

Complete security solution

MDR and Vulnerability Management: Unbeatable Security Synergy

You gain a complete security solution by integrating Managed Detection and Response (MDR) with our comprehensive Vulnerability Management service. This combined approach ensures proactive threat detection, continuous monitoring, and swift remediation, fortifying your defenses against emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

Pioneers in offensive security

By the Numbers

Of incidents are linked to vulnerabilities and misconfigurations
Dedicated offensive security experts
Yearly penetration tests across all sectors


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