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Over the years, we have earned the trust of organizations worldwide and gained a reputation as a reliable partner. Learn more about how we've helped our customers prevent cyber breach and minimize impact.

Co-Protecting the Next Unicorns

Supporting innovations and Swedish entrepreneurship is at the very heart of Almi Företagspartner’s business idea. In a world of rapidly evolving cyber threats, proactive detection and real-time response to attacks are top priorities on the security agenda. Almi’s initial sourcing for a 24/7 SOC not only resulted in better sleep but also turned into co-creating and customizing a close partnership with Truesec.

Nordic Leisure Travel Group

Copiloting the Cyber Threat Landscape in the Travel Industry

Surveillance 24/7 and access to the best experts – when NLTG decided to embark further on its journey in cyber, it knew exactly what to demand of a partner. Today, NLTG is co-piloting the cyber threat landscape with Truesec.

Swedish Red Cross

Staying Compliant Through Sensitive Data Breach

Today, even humanitarian organizations have become targets of cybercrime. And when a cyber attack on the International Committee of the Red Cross also risked exposing sensitive data from the Swedish Red Cross, they suddenly found themselves in a GDPR crisis nobody could have foreseen.


Back in Business – Within Days After Kaseya Attack

With checkouts suddenly encrypted and thousands of customers unable to pay, Swedish supermarket chain Coop realized they were under serious threat. They needed help - now. Fifteen minutes after they made the call, Truesec’s team of experts got started on the case.

Stockholms Sjukhem

How Threat Detection Helps Prevent Cyber Breaches

As most cyber attacks occur outside regular office hours, Stockholms Sjukhem knows that continuous IT monitoring is insurance they aren’t allowed to skip. With Truesec in their corner, Stockholms Sjukhem now has instant access to heavy artillery – mitigating threats and ready to act should a cyber incident occur.


Saved After a Massive Ransomware Attack

When Addtech was the victim of a ransomware attack, they realized that every second counted. To get the company back on track as soon as possible, they called Truesec, who was able to restore the group’s IT system and implement new safety measures to prevent future attacks.


Solving Security Deficiencies Before They Appear

With the help of Truesec’s SOC, which uses its own algorithms and filters to find harmful activities, Bufab's ability to detect threats and deficiencies has improved significantly. Today, they can identify and respond to the right threat at the right time.

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