Cybersecurity consulting services, managed services, and incident response

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When cybercrime strikes, you need to be ready. Therefore, we assist companies daily in preventing and reducing the impact of cyber attacks. Through genuine expertise and real-world insights, Truesec provides comprehensive support, both proactively and reactively, to safeguard businesses in all areas affected by cybercrime.

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Professional cybersecurity consulting services, managed services, and incident response

Choose Truesec for unmatched cybersecurity consulting services, managed services, and incident response offerings. Tailored to address your business needs. Leverage our real-world insights and battle-proven expertise to guide you in making informed decisions that protect your business.

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The experience gained from several thousands of hours of digital forensics and incident response has resulted in a deep understanding of where to quickly discover how and where a threat actor gained access to a compromised environment.

Hasain Alshakarti - Incident Response

Principal Cybersecurity Advisor

Graphical dashboards only tell a small part of the truth; detection engineering helps us identify the visibility gaps.

Kasper Rosenberg

L2 Analyst - Managed Detection and Response


Threat Intelligence Report 2023

Cybercrime is still on the rise, and the geopolitical situation in Europe is affecting the cyber threat landscape. In our 2023 Threat Intelligence Report, you’ll acquire an in-depth understanding of the evolving cyber threats and how to prioritize your cybersecurity investments to minimize your risk moving forward.

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