Cybercriminals Operate 24/7 – So Do We

Detect and Disarm Cyber Threats

The number of ransomware attacks is rapidly increasing and attackers are getting better and faster at finding organizations' vulnerabilities. We help you stay ahead of the attackers by detecting cyber threats in time.

How We Help You Detect Cyber Threats

Threat-Centric and Tool-Agnostic Security Operations Center (SOC)

To protect your organization and your data, you require the ability to detect signs of malicious activity – and the power to disarm and mitigate such situations, whether they originate from a known vulnerability or something previously unknown.

Enter Truesec’s Detect and Disarm. As a customer of this service, you'll gain the benefits of our threat-centric and tool-agnostic Security Operations Center (SOC), leveraging capabilities tailored specifically for you, monitoring and defending your endpoint environment, network, cloud applications, identities, and OT environments.

What Truesec Detect and Disarm Offers You

  • A 24/7/365 active SOC staffed by professionals monitoring your environment and responding to threats in real time.
  • Always adapting, always relevant through insights from Truesec’s Threat Intelligence unit, protecting more than 250K endpoints.
  • To ensure complete protection includes Standby CSIRT SLA.
  • A partnership that aims to become an extension of your organization and improve your security stance.

We Keep Our Edge

After the structured onboarding of the service in your environment, you'll get the benefits of Truesec’s combined strengths, including components of the Security Operations team, Incident Response Team, and Threat Intelligence team.

For each client, we customize a combination of capabilities and tooling tailored to stop and prevent cyber attacks in the most efficient way for each customer, based on your specific requirements, such as threat exposure.

The capabilities we offer are designed to counteract every stage of a cyber attack event chain and control its entirety; this includes active 24/7 attack monitoring and remediation, proactive threat hunting, preventive threat intelligence, and counteractive incident response and recovery.

Being Prepared Is Everything

To protect your organization and your data, you need the ability to detect signs of malicious activity – and the power to disarm and mitigate such situations, whether they spawn from a known vulnerability or something hitherto unknown.

Service overview

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Services To Detect and Respond to Intrusion

AppSec Maturity Assessment
Cybersecurity Enhancement Program
Cybersecurity Governance Health Check
Detect and Disarm
Holistic Cybersecurity Assessment
Strategic Security Assessment
Threat Intelligence: Leak Detection and Mitigation
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