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Why Safeguarding Your Digital Assets Is a Must

Threat actors operate at all times, even outside business hours. Once in, it takes less than a few hours for a threat actor to obtain control of an entire IT environment.

In the connected world, information and digital assets can be shared and distributed in an unprecedented way. This not only presents us with great business opportunities and innovations, but also new challenges in protecting valuable information.

As cyberthreats continue to evolve where both sophisticated attacks and seemingly innocent mistakes create unwanted sharing or even theft of business-critical knowledge, the need for modern and continuous information security is higher than ever before.

At Truesec, one of our strongest beliefs is that having a solid monitoring capability in place not only illustrates the threat situation for companies and organizations, but also makes it possible to detect and disarm potential intrusions much more efficiently.

This is primarily accomplished by monitoring all relevant endpoints in your organization, from servers and cloud capacity to laptops and mobile units. If a more serious incident occurs, it provides critical information to understand what has happened, how to manage the situation and, in particular, what improvements need to be made to avoid similar incidents in the future. Finally, it makes it possible to trace and document what has happened, which can be crucial for reporting issues, regulatory requirements, market expectations, and customer relationships.

Why Monitoring 24/7 Matters

In many ways, this is like protecting assets in the physical world. To be able to protect what is most valuable for your organization, you need to understand and monitor your environment. If something unwanted or unexpected happens, rules and routines should be in place in order to take the right actions and use the right resources to meet potential threats in the right way.

Therefore, our managed monitoring service, Detect and Disarm, sits at the very core of our cybersecurity approach. Building on our 24/7/365 SOC service, our experienced and committed operators are fully focused on delivering a continuously improved and efficient digital environment for our customers.

One key ingredient is that all customers benefit from all our learnings and findings, not only through the Detect and Disarm service, but from all cybersecurity related work and projects that Truesec delivers. Not only does this mean that our customers only need to act on potential incidents, but they can also focus on improving rather than protecting their businesses.

So, if you feel strongly that your organization needs to increase the protection of business-critical digital assets, the time might be right to implement a professional monitoring service that makes it possible to detect and disarm potential security threats.

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We have dedicated specialists working 24/7 to detect and act on intrusions and incidents. Our detect services are based on our proven approach for effective monitoring, active response capacity and continuous security posture improvement.

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