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[SWE] Install Windows Over the Internet Without Local Infrastructure


Install Windows Over the Internet Without Local Infrastructure!

The need to install Windows, fast, controlled without any infrastructure, is there really such a need? When do you need to be able to reinstall Windows without actually having anything other than an internet-connected computer? The need exists and is greater than you think, especially in these times, and it appears in different situations. Does Olympic rollout over the internet sound like an interesting topic? Then you are most welcome to Truesec Tech Talk, which this time is about a Community version of the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, where all VB-Script is gone and replaced by PowerShell. Not only that, we scroll directly over HTTP or HTTPS, with or without Branchcache acceleration.

Key Learnings

  • Vad är MDT/PSD?
  • Hur fungerar MDT/PSD?
  • Hur installerar man MDT/PSD?
  • I vilka situationer är det helt oumbärligt?


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