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Remote Work: A Whole New World

Working remote requires a brand new way of thinking, not just for the IT department but also for the end-user.
Follow along as Truesec Expert and Microsoft MVP Jordan Benzing walks through some daily considerations with his coworker Pete Maciag on how the new work from anywhere in the world is different for both end-users and IT Professionals.

Over this tech talk, you’ll get some tips that can be passed directly to your end-users and guidance on securing your data and devices.

Things you’ll get the answers to during this Live Webcast:

- Three points on how to validate that your physical location is secure to work from.
- A demo on how to ensure a device is compliant with your organization’s security policies, specifically patch level.
- A demo on patching a device using Intune so you can ensure a device stays patch compliant.
- How identity management is essential to data protection.


Pete Maciag

Pete Maciag

Senior Consultant

Pete is a long-time IT professional who joined Truesec in 2020. He has experience in many areas of IT infrastructure but has focused on ConfigMgr, patching, and OSD for the last ten years of his career. Pete comes from several highly regulated industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Financial, and Food Manufacturing which gives him a unique insight into secure infrastructure and secure endpoint management as it is used in the real world. A problem solver at heart, Pete is always up to a challenge and loves learning new technologies and better ways to manage existing technologies.

Jordan Benzing

MVP and Truesec Senior Consultant

Jordan is a ConfigMgr geek specializing in software updates, PowerShell, and reporting. Jordan speaks at several conferences and user groups each year. He frequently posts up-to-date information and community tools for PowerShell and PowerBI at SCConfigMgr.com.

Simon Binder

Microsoft Endpoint Manager MVP

Simon is passionate about creating secure, productive, and user-centric workplaces based on Microsoft technology.

Happier users are always at the core, combined with a deep technical knowledge he is pleased to share with others. He does this by speaking at events such as Microsoft Ignite, Igel Disrupt, and Microsoft Ignite the Tour and user groups across the world.


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