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Truesec Strengthens European Presence – Expands into Denmark

Organizations today are challenged to keep up with the rapidly growing cybercrime, given the increased complexity and impact of cyberattacks. In addition, with an ever-evolving threat landscape, there is a growing need for cybersecurity abilities to protect businesses against data intrusion.

To help more organizations prevent cyber breaches, Truesec’s focus has been increasing capacity and broadening its portfolio of cybersecurity solutions in the past years. Backed by its new financial partner, IK Partners, Truesec now sets off in Denmark together with a handpicked Danish team of cybersecurity experts. The expansion into the Danish market will give the organizations local support backed by a strong Nordic presence.

Truesec A/S will, through its expertise in cybersecurity, offer increased cyber resilience through threat intelligence-driven services, active IT surveillance, and incident response. Morten von Seelen and his experienced team will steer the Danish operations guided by Truesec’s common purpose: Preventing cyber breach and minimizing impact.

Our goal is to secure companies established in Denmark from cyberattacks and minimize impact. Having a team of experienced Danish incident responders and 24/7 monitoring in the Nordics gives us an advantage in the current market. Our team has been a part of many of the biggest incidents in the Nordics in the past years. Combined with Truesec’s total capacity, it will become a real game-changer for our customers in Denmark.

Morten von Seelen, CEO of Truesec A/S.