Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Evaluate the security of your IT environment. Determine how easily cybercriminals can target your organization and gain access to your systems and data. In a penetration test, Truesec security specialists will look at your security weaknesses and provide you with the right tools to prevent an attacker from breaching your organization.

TrueSec Penetration Testing Service

We Perform All Types of Penetration Tests

Use our penetration testing for a single occasion, regular audits, infrastructure changes, or as part of your ongoing security efforts.  The most common tests are of:

  • External Exposures
  • Web Applications
  • Internal IT Environment
  • Specific Systems

Our tests meet the requirements of PCI DSS, 11.3 (penetration testing).

Truesec is the leading penetration testing firm in Sweden.  Our methodology has been refined and developed from a multi-year collaboration with Sweden’s foremost security experts, and Swedish corporations and authorities.

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