Identify vulnerabilities

Security Testing

Through security testing, you can uncover security weaknesses and vulnerabilities within a system or network and then apply corrective measures. Truesec’s specialists offer penetration testing and security assessments.

Security testing

Uncover Your Cyber Weaknesses

Adopting a hacker’s mindset means always being proactive in your security strategy. It’s about being ahead of threats, not just reacting to them. We embody this approach through services like penetration testing and red or purple team exercises, helping you spot, understand, and handle security risks. This keeps your critical assets safe and ensures your resilience against cyber threats.


Security testing


Work as a hacker within cybersecurity

Penetration Testing

We conduct controlled cyber attack simulations to uncover vulnerabilities in your systems and networks, helping you strengthen these areas before they can be exploited.

Red Team Exercises

Experience real-world attack scenarios through our simulations. This tests and improves your organization’s ability to detect and respond effectively to threats.

Vulnerability Scanning

Our vulnerability scanning process provides comprehensive insights into your system’s weak points, guiding you on what to fix to prevent attackers from gaining a foothold.

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Security testing

Getting Started Step by Step


Initial Scoping Meeting

We start by discussing potential attack vectors, your specific needs, and your budget. The goal is pinpointing what you want to achieve with penetration testing, whether finding weak spots or testing how well your team responds to incidents.



Our team carries out realistic, intelligence-driven offensive assessments on your systems. We aim to spot vulnerabilities and highlight areas where you can get stronger.


Feedback Meeting

We present our findings and recommendations for better security verbally and in a written report. It’s a chance for you to ask questions, clear up any doubts, and grasp what these findings mean for your business.



Take action based on our recommendations to enhance your security measures.


Continuous Collaboration

We believe in an ongoing partnership. Our team is here to support you as you implement changes and continue to strengthen your cybersecurity defenses.

Finding the vulnerabilities that matter

Tailored Security Assessments