The essential cybersecurity capabilities



How We Help Your Organization Predict Cyber Attacks

To predict cyber breaches, we perform a broad spectrum of activities that gather threat intelligence - collecting and structuring information from all our security investigations is only one of them.

Based on this intelligence, accumulated knowledge from experts, and real-world insights from actual breaches and vulnerabilities, we also assign probabilities to potential threats and provide you with the right actions to take.

To predict a cyber breach, we:
  • Map relevant threat actors and identify their next steps - both private corporations and nation-state actors.
  • Identify leaked accounts and information.
  • Continuously assess risks and vulnerabilities in your products, services, and applications.
  • Provide a roadmap and strategic advice on what actions to prioritize.

Services to Help Predict Cyber Attacks

AppSec Maturity Assessment
Business Impact Analysis
Code Review
Connected Devices Security (IoT, OT, Embedded)
Cybersecurity Advisement
Cybersecurity Enhancement Program
Cybersecurity Governance Health Check
DPIA Screening and Full DPIA Analysis
Holistic Cybersecurity Assessment
Human Threat Health Check
Secure Development - Custom Training and Workshops
Security Vetting Interview
Strategic Security Assessment
Threat Intelligence-based Ethical Red Teaming (TIBER-EU)
Threat Modeling Exercise
Threat Profile Report
Vulnerability Detection
Dot pattern
The essential cybersecurity capabilities

Our Capabilities Framework

Staying ahead of cyber threats and successfully preventing as well as reacting to cyber breaches requires expertise and resources within five essential cybersecurity capabilities. We provide access to and help you develop these must-haves to ensure you get the best possible cybersecurity for your needs.

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