The essential cybersecurity capabilities



Reliable Solutions to Help You Recover After a Cyber Attack

To recover and restore your business after a cyber attack, we provide the expertise needed to design, build, implement, and manage reliable IT infrastructure and processes across your IT environments. Our methodology is based on our unique ability to develop secure IT and long-term partnerships with leading IT infrastructure experts, enterprise companies, and authorities in Europe and the U.S.

Since we often are called to help our customers with our Cybersecurity Incident Response Team (CSIRT), we have extensive knowledge of how attackers operate; how they work, and what they do. Thus, we know what to do not only before an incident occurs, but also how to minimize the impact afterwards.

To recover your business, we also:
  • Operate on both the infrastructure and developer side to make sure the environments are stable, secure, and scalable.
  • Use proven methods of designing and creating environments.
  • Work together with you to establish great cyber knowledge throughout your organization.

Services to Help Recover From a Cyber Attack

AppSec Maturity Assessment
Cybersecurity Enhancement Program
Cybersecurity Governance Health Check
DevOps and CI/CD Security Assessment
Forensics and Reverse Engineering
Holistic Cybersecurity Assessment
Managed Critical Infrastructure (MCI)
Strategic Security Assessment
VMware Environment Security Review
Dot pattern
The essential cybersecurity capabilities

Our Capabilities Framework

Staying ahead of cyber threats and successfully preventing as well as reacting to cyber breaches requires expertise and resources within five essential cybersecurity capabilities. We provide access to and help you develop these must-haves to ensure you get the best possible cybersecurity for your needs.

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