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[SWE] Secure Remote Access


Welcome to a Tech Talk about Secure remote access

Secure Remote Access

Due to the prevailing pandemic, many of us work from home. This greatly increases the need for remote access to the company's resources.
How do you ensure that your organization can work from external locations without exposing your IT environment to increased risk?

In this session, our experts Simon Binder and Marcus Pettersson will teach you how to give your company users secure access to your internal systems using services in Microsoft 365. This can be done with services that many organizations can already take advantage of with their current licenses.

What We'll Talk About:

  • Secure access to your internal web applications
  • Run your on-premises applications on your devices - Virtually
  • Protect your RDS solution with Conditional Access
  • Get secure access to Windows 10 virtual desktops from home


If you want to increase the chance that we have time to answer your specific question, email it today to t3@truesec.com



For Whom:

Security managers, IT managers, IT technicians, IT professionals and for those of you who work in an IT department and who are interested in security issues.

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