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[SWE] New Years Edition 2020


2020 has been a challenging year to say the least for the IT world, with a drastic increase in cyber attacks. The year also brought new technological innovations.

Tech talk New Year Edition 2020

Mikael Nyström and Markus Lassfolk sum up the past year and give you our future exploration for 2021. The pandemic has changed IT in general and we see that this will affect companies' IT environments for a long time to come. This has also stressed organizations and created more homework, which exposes activities in a new way.

We focus on the most important changes that have taken place in the IT industry during the past year and give you concrete tips for what we think 2021 will look like.

What we'll talk about:

  • Lessons learned 2020 - what challenges did the Covid-19 pandemic bring?
  • Vad har vi sett för nya trender och innovationer under 2020?
  • What have we seen for new trends and innovations in 2020?


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For whom:

Security managers, IT managers, IT technicians, IT professionals and for those of you who work in an IT department and who are interested in security issues.

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