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Cybercriminals Have Shifted Tactics to Increase Profit

Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly efficient at exploiting vulnerabilities to gain access to environments, forcing organizations to assume a breach mentality going forward.

The speed of the attacks, from the initial foothold to when the attackers reach their goal, has increased. In less than 24 hours after the initial breach, threat actors can obtain full administrative privileges, which means complete control over the victim’s network and IT infrastructure.

Some Key Findings in our Threat Intelligence Report:

  • Ransomware remains the most significant and serious threat to medium and large companies. The number of ransomware attacks in 2021 increased by 26% compared to 2020.
  • The increase in the number of cyber attacks is due to the fact threat actors are now using automated tools that enable quicker attacks. Additionally, they recruit less-skilled affiliates that need only follow ready-made instruction manuals to act.
  • A majority of intrusions in 2021 began with threat actors exploiting known vulnerabilities in public-facing systems. Cybercriminals can quickly leverage such exploits in mass attacks against unpatched systems.

Know How to Protect Your Organization in the Coming Year

In our Threat Intelligence Report 2022, you’ll find actionable insight into the current threat landscape in Scandinavia and globally and advice on how to prioritize your cybersecurity efforts in the coming year.

Our suggested priorities and cybersecurity recommendations are based almost entirely on responding to real incidents and stopping attacks during 2021. We have delved into every one of them to fully understand the root causes, what could have prevented the breaches, and minimized the impact.