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Introducing Detect and Disarm for Industrial IoT/OT

Enterprises deploy Industrial IoT/OT solutions to enable data-driven automation. These solutions are at the core of a connected business; it’s the key enabler for efficient manufacturing, predictive maintenance, smart buildings, energy optimization, and many more use-cases.

Industrial IoT/OT (IIoT/OT) comprises hardware and software that monitors and controls industrial equipment, assets, processes, and events in real-time. The ecosystem of Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Remote Terminal Units (RTU), and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) are critical to ensure the operational efficiency and uptime within manufacturing and connected industries.

Industry 4.0 paves the way for more connected industries. This means more exposure of critical infrastructure to cyber threats, which in turn increases the risk of operational outages, both for enterprises and society as a whole.

The attacks on IIoT/OT environments are increasing, and we believe it will continue to be the trend for years to come, in essence, a rotation from attacking enterprise IT environments to attacking what is the backbone of industrial business operations: the OT environments.

Generally speaking, we believe that the expertise and focus on cybersecurity within IIoT/OT is not at the level it needs to be, especially not in relation to the potential impact significance of a breach.

There are a few key challenges we see that make up the cybersecurity dilemma for IIoT/OT environments:

  • Lack of monitoring and insight into industrial networks
  • Systems have many legacy devices running unpatched software with limited ability to be updated
  • Networks aren’t isolated from the enterprise IT networks
  • Networks aren’t properly segmented in between
  • Traditional IT EDR/NDR solutions don’t understand industrial protocols, limiting detection possibilities

Most importantly, we believe that the fear of operational outage limits the willingness to upgrade hardware/software in production environments. Hence, we’re pleased to share with you that our new service has zero performance impact on existing operational IIoT/OT environments.

Our new service, Detect and
Disarm for Industrial IoT/OT
, extends our SOC with IIoT/OT-aware behavioral analytics and threat intelligence.

Through agentless NDR monitoring, we bring full visibility into assets and risks in your Industrial IoT/OT environments to enable real-time threat monitoring.

In addition to 24/7/365 managed detection of your IIoT/OT environment, we also bring insights into:

This service is seamlessly integrated with all our existing EDR and XDR services to enable interoperability across IT-IoT-OT and a holistic detection; however, it can also be provided as a separate service in those scenarios where it’s needed.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss the IIoT/OT cybersecurity needs for your particular business.

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