Truesec Investing for Success in the U.S.


During the past six months, global threat actors' impact and activity level has seen a significant increase. To name a few of the most public breaches, we have seen SolarWinds, AD/MS365, and Exchange compromises with widespread impact.

The threat actors are well funded, well organized, and in many cases quite skilled. Our job at Truesec is to find them, contain them, and take them down in close collaboration with our customers and law enforcement. To live up to our mission of making the world a more secure place and to better serve our customers in North America, Truesec is investing for significant growth during 2021.

We see the demand for our services within Secure Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Incident Response, and Managed Detection propel our footprint in the U.S. In the past thirty days, we are pleased to announce the addition of four new fighters to our team, bringing with them a combined 70+ years of experience:

Spencer Hyde, with more than 20 years of consulting experience focusing on network security. He has worked with several Fortune 100 companies.

Matthew Wetherell, with a background as a system architect and over 20 years of experience working in highly regulated businesses.

John Louch, adding 20 years of experience managing very large, complex, global Active Directory and MS3665 environments.

Ben Bidmead
, founder of the security community and creator of several tools for pen-testing. He also brings with him 5 years of experience working with offensive cybersecurity assignments.

We will continue adding to the team and will have more exciting announcements to share in just a few weeks.

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