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Actionable Threat Intelligence

Attack Prediction

Attack Prediction highlights threats that matter!
Identify weaponzied domains, leaked credentials or initial access brokers selling access to your organisation before its to late.

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Prioritizing Threats That Matter

Attack Prediction – Actionable Threat Intelligence

Organisations today face a peculiar challenge – they have access to more information and data than ever about the threat landscape, yet meaningful and useful insights largely remain absent. The amount of information produced daily far outpaces most organisations’ ability to consume it effectively. Prioritising the threats that matter has become like searching for a proverbial needle in an ever growing haystack of data.

Attack Prediction

Find the needle in the haystack

Attack Prediction is a managed threat intelligence service meaning that we provide help you prioritize what matters, find the needle in the haystack. You get a full end-to-end capability of collecting, processing, analyzing and reporting intelligence. We help you answer questions such as: has any of our employees been compromised by malware and had credentials stolen, or if data has been leaked online due to a breach of a third-party provider.

Attack Prediction will help you to :

  • Identify when attackers are preparing and developing their attacker infrastructure.
  • Identify leaked credentials and corporate information and data.
  • Prioritise activities that significantly contributes to increased resilience from cyber attacks.

Attack Prediction Service

Key Benefits

Early Threat Detection and Risk Mitigation

Early detection of compromised data enables rapid responses, reducing breach risks.

Prevent Attackers from Establishing Initial Access

Discovery of compromised employee credentials will prevent attackers establishing a foothold in your infrastructure.

Regulatory Compliance

Actively working with threat intelligence is becoming ever more important in complying with regulatory requirements.